Are you stressing yourself a lot and are bound with a full-time day job, a part-time job and other activities? Do you feel down by an everyday busy schedule that has gotten under your skin? These are not at all healthy signs, and they require your utmost attention. Everything needs to be done with a balance; not too much and not too less. Do not let your body and mind explode because of the extra pressure that you often put on them.

You should definitely know the signs that tell you when the stress is getting a little too much to handle and you are required to take immediate and appropriate action to deal with it. Take a look at the following 6 signs that shows that you need to slow down.

1. Decrease in Productivity Levels

As long as you are excited to get to work with new ideas flowing every day, you are in the flow with everything in favor of your side. But once you think your days are not enjoyable at all, you definitely need to take a break to get your energy and fun back into your life. Since everything needs to be done within a limit, youproductivity greatly declines if you are working too hard by putting in more hours in working and less time in letting your body and mind to relax.

2. Not Having Enough Personal or Family Time

If you think you do not have any time for a personal commitment, an occasion or a date, then you are probably working way too much that is keeping you away from the moments that should be cherished. Keep in mind always that work is not greater than your personal life and most definitely, not greater than your health.

3. Lack of Creativity

If it is extremely difficult for you to go from one task to the next, face difficulty in finding a solution or you struggle to come up with new ideas, then you are definitely working too much that is making it difficult for you to focus. Your work suffers if you have trouble focusing because you have taken on too many things at the same time. With trouble focusing, you will notice lack of interest, creativity and lack of enthusiasm, resulting in a poor quality output.


4. Getting Disorganized

If you have a disorganized list of tasks and are not sure where to start from, you are definitely working a lot and badly need a break. Work is not just outside your home but within your house premises too. Not only you get to spend some time with your family doing the house chores but you also get to think about something else for a change other than your office or business work.

5. Having Several Health Issues

If you have started to get a migraine attack on daily basis and you face stomach problems,asthma or acne flares more frequently than ever, then this means your health is suffering because of your work. Similarly, if you are unable to sleep at night and are only tossing and turning throughout, then it is a sign that you have too much to handle. Lack of sleep will not only make you tired the following day but will also cause severe health problems in future.

6. Getting Irritated More Often than Usual

If you are unjustly snapping at your loved ones, finding it extremely difficult to control your raging temper or if you begin dreading the calls with your clients, then it is a warning sign that something needs to be fixed. Make sure you evaluate if you are working for too many hours so that you can fully enjoy your work as well as your personal life without feeling burned out or tired.

In order to make sure that your health and emotions are stable, you must make sure that your work does not go out of balance. You should work effectively and efficiently by producing more than you invest.



Author Bio: Alison works as a at Dissertation cube where she provides dissertation writing help to students. In spare time she writes blogs for students starting their career and for those who are still in jobs.