Proud becomes Join Robots

It must have happened. We were hardly touched when we decided to discontinue Proud for iOS and Mac, but the productive spirit didn’t fade away in us.

Join Robots takes the best of Proud and packages it in multi-platform app totally free to test. We listened and simplified the app to it’s core, and transitioned to a new brand.

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Focus & Relax /

the old approach

Focus and relaxation timer

The Pomodoro Timer was one of the most central parts of the Proud app design.

improved design

Completing success

We took what’s best from Proud (simplicity and functionality) and packed it with a special motivating dots that you just want to fulfill.

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Stress control /

the old approach

Breatching session

A one to couple of minutes breathing session in the Proud app was excellent for de-stressing.

improved design

De-stress and refresh the mind

We re-designed the aesthetic to match the gray robotish theme and left with a beautiful breathe-in and breathe-out guide with the same gong sounds that were used in the original app.

Reduce your stress

Define your goal /

the old approach

Several tasks

The goal part was not a critical place of the previous app’s approach. That was not optimal, as it is now proven focusing on one goal gives you the best results.

Improved design

Concentrate on one task

The key place in the app allows you to see a goal almost full-screen while being able to control the focus music and focus/relax timer.

Choose your goal!

New features /


Have you lost motivation to work? Do you feel that you are distracted by everything? Sit down, relax and listen to calming music with the accompaniment of greatest minds' greatest quotes.

Motivate yourself


Don't have the energy to take action? Do you feel sleepy and your eyes are literally sticky? Get some rest! Set a timer and take a power nap.

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