Proud becomes Join Robots

It must have happened. We were hardly touched when we decided to discontinue Proud for iOS and Mac, but the productive spirit didn’t fade away in us. Join Robots takes the best of Proud and packages it in multi-platform app totally free to test. We listened and simplified the app to it’s core, and transitioned to a new brand.

What was before?

Creating software is hard. Especially if you had no experience in that. You might have created a nice app, but if you were not a good businessman, you won't be able to sustain the development with exciting updates and platforms. This is basically what happened to Proud. The app was good, obviously not perfect. But the pricing model killed it completely. We could not sustain the marketing costs that could justify the revenues and so we needed to close the development. After a few years a new idea (and a new SaaS businessmodel) came to our mind. It would allow all of us to benefit from the best what Proud had to offer. Proud wasn't the best todo list, it wasn't the best organizer (but honestly no app still does it as good as Proud did), but it gave users what they really wanted: focus and mental balance. That's what you will be able to find in Join Robots. With tons of great ideas for the future, on how to up your productivity.

The Manifesto

We are all humans. But people who robotically can focus and be productive, are simply more successful. Our emotions and other things that make us human are crucial in creating a fulfilled life, but if we want to be productive, we have to strike a perfect life-work balance. In Join Robots we don't like to limit the apps you use, we prefer YOU to learn how to self-control. We want to be compatible with todo lists, app and website blockers, but we don't want to block you in any way. We prefer to teach you to do things without the need of any external tool by improving your self-awareness and self-discipline.

Focus/Relax Timers

The old approach

The pomodorro timer was one of the most central parts of the Proud app design.

Improved design

We took what’s best (simplicity and functionality) and packed it with a special motivating dots that you just want to fulfill.

De-Stress Breathing Session

The old approach

A one to couple of minutes breathing session was excellent for de-stressing.

Improved design

We re-designed the aesthetic to match the gray robotish theme and left with a beautiful breathe-in and breathe-out guide with the same Gong sounds that were used in the original app.

One Big Goal

The old approach

The goal part was not a critical place of the previous app’s approach. That was not optimal, as it is now proven focusing on one goal gives you the best results.

Improved design

The key place in the app allows you to see a goal almost full-screen while being able to control the focus music and focus/relax timer.

Motivational Speakers

There could be no progress without a new feature. Sit down, relax and listen to calming music with the accompaniment of greatest minds’ greatests quotes.

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Try out the version today. It may not be perfect but should already boost your productivity dramatically.