Proud has been released!

Almost 600 days has passed since the idea for Proud came into our minds. More than a hundred iterations were made and more than 50 features were added. Today, we are ready to release Proud.

It has been an amazing journey crafting this productivity toolkit for you. We were constantly improving the app thanks to almost a thousand beta testers. Without your help, the app would never look like and work as it does today.

The app evolved from being a simple, yet enhanced to-do list to being a very powerful toolkit for boosting your productivity. From the initial idea we added lots of useful things: reminders, good habits, focus/relax timers, life goals, superpowers, app color themes, and dozens more!

Today we are confident to offer you the Prouductivity Handbook. As you may have guessed, our new word “Prouductivity” is a combination of the words: Proud and Productivity. It contains the user guide to our app, as well as some advanced techniques on how to get your productivity to the next level. 

We’re ready with the promo trailer for the app. It can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKvQ9eE-C1A

If you are curious with what’s going on with the project, don’t wait – follow us on Twitter @UseProud and on Facebook. We will announce the updates there, too!

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