Hack your Focus Now!

Your productivity depends on your focus, willpower and mental health [1]. Our productivity toolkit presents you one goal at a time while improving your motivation and keeping you de-stressed.


Empower your productive soul

Helping to improve focus worldwide for hundreds of thousands of users. Trusted and featured by these great companies:

Blend into deep focus state effortlessly

It’s the core of the toolkit. We’ve all been there: tons of tasks piling up and no energy to complete any. Use 3 powerful tools together or apart to improve your state of focus.
Work on one goal at a time

to quickly revise what you are working on.

Take breaks

by focusing for 50 minutes and taking a 10 minute break

Listen to Focus Music

that gets you in deep flow state.

Ignite your motivation

You sit down in front of the computer, and you simply want to sleep. Or you just want to read social media. Or you want to check latest products in the local store.

You simply don’t have energy to even start doing anything productive. Listen to motivational quotes with light background music to get you into the a positive and energetic zone again.

De-stress in a snap

The feeling of so many tasks around just overwhelms you. You feel your heart beats so quickly that you are going to have a heart attack.

Start a quick 1-5 minute breathing session 🌿 and center your mind over important things again

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