Welcome to the Proud productivity blog. Before I get into the details about the stage of development, I’d like to say a few words to introduce you to what this blog is about.
Its topics are:

  • Proud development information
  • Proud’s design and features
  • Time management tips and tricks
  • Life success

The last two topics have been on my mind for quite some time. I have seen some spectacular results happening in my life, and I decided that I want to change something in the world.

The story of my idea

During the last few years I’ve been developing apps for the app store like crazy, thinking one of them could, with some luck, become a huge success. The more I did it, the more I noticed it didn’t work. I needed a change, especially because one of my virtues is, “Do what works, don’t do what don’t.” Of course I had some minor successes, but that was not my real goal.

So, after many meetings with successful people, I realized that if you want to create something valuable, first you have to know what value you are going to add to people’s lives. Before you do anything, you have to talk to people to understand what their problem is. Then find people who want to have this problem solved, and who will be able to give you something in return.

I was a huge fan of Clear (Realmac Software). But Clear did too many things wrong:

  • There were too many times I asked for unlimited hierarchy—they told me they had more important things to do!
  • The updates they prepared took months, and sometimes longer than that, to be done
  • They were missing too many features from the most current release
  • They made mistakes with the pricing and Clear+

I don’t want to say Clear is a bad product, because it had many features that were just great:

  • Gesture-based interface inventors
  • An astonishing look
  • Incomparable customer service
  • Simplicity of design

So, at this point, an idea came to my mind: “Can I try to make a new Clear that will solve all of those problems?” Yes, I can. “Can I make it look even more awesome?” I tried four different interface versions (I’ll post them in the next posts). I humbly think that my interface look is better, is more futuristic, and is even cleaner than Clear’s. And boy, how great it works! You will soon see all of that.

This is the kind of value I thought would be great to give to people. Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe Clear is great product, and probably more people will use it than mine. I am making a different app. My app has Intelligent upcoming lists as well as Done lists, which is a great motivator. It has features that Clear always deleted with just one click, forgetting that these small details play a huge part in people’s lives.


Here are a few last words about Proud’s development.

The app is currently in the early Alpha version. It definitely doesn’t look like what you see on the website. I’m in the process of testing its interactions, responsiveness, and animations. I will post some gifs when I finish the testing. After that, I will work on the intelligent brain of upcoming tasks.

Thank you, and stay tuned for the next posts! Please let me know, with Twitter or Comments, if you would like to get notifications about new blog posts via the Email subscription I added to the website, OR if you just want to know when Proud is released.